"Tall Ships" or traditional sailing vessels are still found the world over. Most, are sail training vessels for youth, Naval personnel or adventurers just like yourself. Many ask for volunteers to crew them, while others accept passengers on their fantastic voyages around the world. Check out their websites and see if there's an adventure waiting on a tall ship for you.

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The Bark Europa

The Europa is one of the most impressive sailing vessels on the water. She sails most of the year,  has completed many antarctic voyages, and even circumnavigated the globe!


The Swedish Ship Gotheborg

Although now sadly no longer a sailing vessel, she is a proud example of Swedish craftsmanship. A copy of an eastindiaman from the mid 1700's, completed in 2005- her maiden voyage sent her to China and back.  She is now permanently in her home port of Gothenburg, Sweden.


The Stad Amsterdam

The Stad Amsterdam is a proud Dutch vessel, which takes passengers to the far reaches of the Atlantic. From the Carribbean to Europe, the Stad Amsterdam is an impressive sight out on the water.



A replica of the famous ship that carried Marquis Lafayette to aid the Patriot cause during the American Revolution, she set sail in 2015 across the Atlantic to commemorate the war for independence. Returning to France, she now sails with 80 volunteers and trainees on board to spread the message of freedom across Europe and the globe.


Christain Radich

The Christian Radich is based out of Oslo, Norway. It is a training ship, but does have amenities for passengers. An impressive ship built in the mid 1930's, it is now a floating classroom!


Liberty Clipper

The Liberty Clipper is a gaff rigged schooner based out of Nassau, in the Bahamas. She is a charter vessel that takes passengers to destinations throughout the islands. Her sister ship, the Liberty Star, is based in the BVI's.


The Star of India

Built in 1863, The Star of India is one of the oldest sailing ships still sailing in the world. She is based at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, and attracts visitors from all over the world.


Jean De La Lune

The Jean De La Lune is a Brigantine that sails around Europe, and is based in the UK. She is a charter vessel and has cabins that can be booked for excursions around the globe!


Tall Ship Morgenster

Morgenster is traditionally rigged as a brig. This 48m sail training vessel is well known in Holland, where she is based, but has taken part in many International Tall Ships Races and is proven as a fast sailor. In the winter she has explored the Cape Verde and Canaries with charter guests.


The Gulden Leew

The "Golden Lion" in Dutch is a three masted topsail schooner of 1930's design that sails internationally, and frequents the tall ship races in Europe.


The Shtandart

The Shtandart is a scaled down replica of Peter the Great of Russia's flagship. Built in Russia by hand, it is one of the most active sailing ships in the world.

She takes on trainees and volunteers for destinations far and wide.